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3-0-0( W-L-D )
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Record: 3-0-0

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From: Weslaco, Texas United States
Fights Out Of: Weslaco, Texas United States
Weight: 185 lb ( 84 kg )


Describe your current day-to-day life. Tell us about your family, job, etc.: I don't believe my life is consistent enough to say I have a "daily schedule." Months at a time I train at American Top Team. I live in Texas with my girlfriend and I train daily. I work for a property maintenance company and attend college every other semester. I always seem to keep myself grinding.

Why are you a fighter? I was bred to be a champion. I've always been a competitor. Fighting has always been something that just makes me happy. I was raised from a kid competing in wrestling, football, track and boxing by my mom and dad. Both of my brothers fight. My eldest brother, Hector Urbina, already fights in the UFC. Same goes for my younger brother Gilbert, and he will soon get his chance.

Describe your upbringing: Started wrestling in third grade all the way up to high school and had scholarships to wrestle as well. My dad was super tough on us. It was the "train to be a champ or don't compete at all" philosophy. At the same time I managed to maintain honor roll my whole life too. I went to Texas State University to study mechanical engineering and play football but felt I wanted more. So I began my fighting career.

What’s been the biggest challenge in your life? The biggest challenge was never having a steady "home" or for that matter a home of our own. My family were migrants, working the fields up north most of my life. We lived in a migrant camp for families that couldn't afford a home. My family of six lived in a one bedroom two bunk bed little room. On top of that my mom was pregnant. Trailer to trailer, city to city gets real f**ked up after a while. But everything will change. We've come a ways from then.

How do you want to improve your life? It's been my life's work to be a champion. I refuse to live check to check just trying to survive anymore. I've been in survival mode my entire life and now that opportunity is knocking - I'm kicking down the door.

What does a UFC contract mean to you? Indescribable. It means I get the chance to prove myself at a higher level. At the same time I can help my family more to get out of poverty. And for me to prepare myself for my family to come. Once I'm in the UFC I'm not getting out. Nobody will take that from me.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: Three days prior to this December 14 trial I found out I'm going to be a father with my lovely girlfriend. I love fishing, hiking and camping out on the beach!


ATHLETIC BACKGROUND:  Wrestling, boxing

WHAT WOULD BECOMING A UFC FIGHTER MEAN TO YOU: Becoming a part of the UFC would mean the opportunity to begin my lifelong dream. Being in the UFC is one thing, but to finally get the chance to showcase who I am and what I bring to the table means everything to me and it’s what I've worked for.

MINI-BIO: I was born in Berlin, Wisconsin, raised in Ohio and I currently live in the great state of Texas. I grew up wrestling my whole life and I chose to chase my dream in 2013 when I dropped out of Texas State as a sophomore. I’m 3-0 as a pro and I hope to win my next bout, impress the UFC and go on to the next step of my journey.


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