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18-9-0( W-L-D )
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Record: 18-9-0

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Fights Out Of: Chicago, Illinois United States
Age: 28
Height: 5' 10" ( 177 cm )
Weight: 145 lb ( 65 kg )


FIGHTING STYLE: Wrestler / Striker

ATHLETIC BACKGROUND:  Wrestling, football, baseball - I grew up playing sports 

WHAT WOULD BECOMING A UFC FIGHTER MEAN TO YOU: Becoming a UFC fighter would mean that all my hard work, sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears during the past 10 years spent in the gym were all worth it, and that if you have a dream and work specifically towards that dream, it will come true. 


MINI-BIO: I was born in Chicago. I started fighting fresh out of high school in 2003. I started fighting because I saw that the UFC was getting bigger and bigger, and at the time I started watching it all the top dogs were all tough wrestlers. At the time I was a tough little guy, got into a few fights here and there, nothing too crazy, so right after high school I found the closest gym to me and ever since then it's been on. My first favorite fighters ever were Tito Ortiz and BJ Penn, but now I have no favorites. I'm big fans of a lot of guys and their fighting styles, but no absolute favorites. I'm looking to make it to the UFC to change my entire life, to start the much awaited next chapter to my life and my story that a lot of people and myself have been waiting for. 


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